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It is glass printing achieved through the use of a special technique that allows light to pass through the image.

his technique also gives a gentle movement to the pieces, turning them into warmer images, more in tune with nature, suitable for indoor as well as outdoor settings.
The piece change constantly along with the variations in light, making it more dynamic.

Printed vinil in natural colours. Repositionable and reusable.
Traslucent base.
Non profesional installation
Echo-solvent inks.

Ideal for cristal panels, vitrines or cristal screens. Water resistant.

Perfecto para ArmonizArte

Technical features

White vinil or traslucent vinil. Easy installation without wastes.
Non profesional installation-
Printed with echo-solvent inks
Self-adhesive. Only needs a cutter fot cutting edges if it’s necessary adjust the vinil to desired dimension.
Water resistant. Applicable to doors and walls, crystal panels sor screens, Windows,etc.