Art in every object

This space with windows is the place where some of my ideas come out and become manifest. Everything that was born from the practice of art and the reflection of what it is for and beauty, are manifested in each of the objects in the store.
From the smallest to the most complicated in its execution, it carries this spirit on its seal.

My wish is that, starting with our being, the home, a leisure or work space, we enjoy a shape, a flower, a bird, or the colored arch that reminds our eyes of the human, nature and life.

Stamped glass design

We create unique and exclusive designs on glass for furniture, decoration or architecture projects.

The effect obtained with our glass is complete when the light interprets the work as it passes through it.


Create a unique room with our collection furniture.

Unique, beautiful and functional pieces that show our conception of art.  


An elegant sculptured piece that will add light and warmth to your home, office, reception room….


The value of an authored work and the purity and durability of the materials used.

Fine Art Print

Artistic work on paper by Paloma Souto.
Let's work together

Fill your home and your life with art

All works are unique works, made to measure and fully adaptable to the needs of the client or the space.
Design of crystals, furniture, lighting, graphic work, printing on textiles ...

If you have an idea, let's talk about.

Propose your ideas