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Paloma Souto

Paloma Souto (Madrid, 1962), Spanish painter and sculptor, has developed her work gradually exploring all artistic languages, with a common melody closely linked to a particular interpretation of the landscape that delves deep into its nature and links it to the own evolutionary process of the human aspect of being. The usual sophistication of art has very little to do with the concept sought by us, the work must coexist in the home, serenely balance the space and surprise each time it is contemplated, thus accommodating vision and beauty.

A unique and patented stamping model

In 2011, from the research with inks, she developed a graphic method for stamping on transparent surfaces that was later patented by her.
This is how this company was born, in which multiple supports are explored in which to apply our unique technique.

Beautiful and harmonious elements with life and inspired by nature

The beauty of being useful is the concept printed on all our articles, each piece is a singularity that from the smallest encompasses the largest, -artistic creation.

Glass, furniture, lighting, textiles, graphic work...

Something unique and unrepeatable

The collaborations with the creators that make up our work team enrich the final product enormously, so the resulting piece is completely far from conventional, since each one is a work with its own identity, finished entirely by hand.


Paloma Souto has held numerous solo and group exhibitions of a large part of her multidisciplinary work.

Selection of work, exhibitions

FLAVOR SYMMETRIES, 2018, Sala Martín Chirino S. Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. (Video)

CUM PICTURA POESIS, 2017, MEIAC, Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo, Badajoz, digital brochure, (page. 31).  catalogue.

Granting of the national patent, 2015, of a procedure to obtain a graphic work from a matrix, for the serial reproduction of graphic works.

THE SHAPE OF PARADISE ,2013, Grupo AR-K, Sala Martín Chirino S. Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. (Video)

CUBO 21 (video ) 2012

WHITE ROAD/OFELIA, 2010, Museo de Cáceres (Printed catalogue) (Video & installation)

Let's work together

Fill your home and your life with art

All works are unique works, made to measure and fully adaptable to the needs of the client or the space.
Design of crystals, furniture, lighting, graphic work, printing on textiles ...

If you have an idea, let's talk about.

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