Paloma Souto is a Spanish painter and sculptress. Her work has evolved through the gradual exploration of all the different art forms and languages, moving through them as if dancing to a common tune that has to do with her particular interpretation of landscape, going deep into its nature, engaging her with the evolving process of the human side of the being.
The usual sophistication of art has very little relation to the concept we look for in our pieces. The work should live in our home, providing a smooth balance to the spaces and wonder us each time we look at them, thus combining vision and beauty.

In 2011, after some research and studies carried out with different types of inks, Paloma developed a graphical method for stamping on clear surfaces, that she later patented. This is how this exciting project started, and we keep on exploring multiple different materials to implement our singular technique.
“The beauty of being useful” is the concept inherent to all our works, each piece is a unique individuality that, with its simple appearance, encompasses the greatest manifestation of the artistic creation.
Collaboration with the other creators who make up our team highly enhance the final product, so that the resulting piece is far from being conventional, for each one has its own personality, and is completely finished by hand.


En el año 2011, a partir de la investigación con tintas, desarrolló un método gráfico para estampar en superficies transparentes que posteriormente fue patentado por ella.
Así es como nació esta empresa, en la que se exploran múltiples soportes en los que aplicar nuestra técnica única.

La belleza de ser útil es el concepto impreso en todos nuestros artículos, cada pieza es una singularidad que desde lo más pequeño abarca lo más grande, -la creación artística-.

Las colaboraciones con los creadores que conforman nuestro equipo de trabajo enriquecen el producto final enormemente, así la pieza resultante está completamente alejada de lo convencional, ya que cada una es una obra con identidad propia, acabada enteramente a mano.