• Characteristics.
  • Model choice.
  • Shipping.
  • Delivery term.
  • Payment method.

Table crystals are made from a graphic method developed and patented by the author, which allows serial reproduction of an original work applied to glass and other surfaces, which makes each model unique. They are pieces sometimes combined with sculpture.

We take care of our crystals, so that the vitrification process after stamping guarantees its durability for indoor and outdoor applications when exposed to water or light.

I think that in nature everything is in motion. And everything that lasted left a mark on the place where it rested. Like the ink on the paper. This is the essence of my works.
For this reason the motives are fundamentally vegetable, the intention of the technique used is to describe the smooth movement of things when they are rocked by wind or water.

The model:
The board of each table is possible to do it in different sizes, as well as the shape. The glass can be round, square oval … depending on the needs of the space.
Tables are made to order. In addition to the four models shown, in the store, two dining tables and two consoles, we can make the design of the drawing and the custom color.

Board design and drawing:
To do this, you must write to us beforehand, or request an interview in the form below.

The shipment:
The tables have a wooden packaging, for the glass, and another for the bases. We recommend hiring a transport insurance that will be billed separately.

We can send your order to the address you choose (work or private address), the price of the same will be billed separately, as supplied depending on the location of the customer

Delivery term:
It will be arranged with the client.

Payment method:
After the choice of model and size, according to conditions agreed with the client, 50% of the total price of the table will be charged in a first payment. The remaining 50% will be paid according to the customer, before sending. With transportation and insurance costs supplied separately.